Arrangements by Karen Penketh




An original song, specially commissioned for Diva Days 2015 in collaboration with Toni-Ann Penketh.  

A tale of unrequited love from a female perspective.

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2YB - An Hour Never Passes


by Jimmy Kennedy written in 1944. Written in the second world war, this song tells the tale of a love so true for a soldier so far away.


3YE - Any Time


by Herbert Happy Lawson. It’s a love song! 
Available on Teaching CD (TCD) 005.


1NB - Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere


by Jessie Brown Pounds & J. S. Fearis. Written in 1897 and sung by The Euterpean Quartette at the funeral of President William McKinley in 1901. The Euterpean Quartette consisted of Harriet Levinger as First Soprano, Fannie Levinger as Second Soprano, Jeannette Bauhof as First Alto and Katherine Baehrens as Second Alto.


1NU - Congratulations


sung by Cliff Richard in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1968….crumbs! 

2YB - Dear Ole Mammy


by Ivy St. Helier & Laddie Cliff. Originally entitled Coal-black Mammy, this song of the 1920s invokes sentimental feelings of returning home to dear old Mammy. Like many other barbershop songs of this era, the lyrics have been altered to make it suitable for singing in this present climate. The reason for keeping the original title on the page was to show where this song came from, and so that the history of those times is not lost. 

2YB - Don’t Waste Your Tears Over Me


by A. J. Stansy and written in 1923. It’s a long song - and quite sad - where someone has decided that the love they receive from someone else is too good for them, and they are encouraging them to find someone new. 
Available on TCD 011.

3YB - Don’t You Ever Cry


by Roy Allen & Stan Bradbury in 1940. A second world war tale of two lovers parted by the tragedy of war but, as always, there is a little ray of hope. 
Available on TCD 011.

1YE - The First Time I Saw You


by Allie Wrubel and Nathaniel Shilkret. Written in 1937, this is a really upbeat and happy song about love at first sight … fantastic for the romantic! 

1YE - Goodnight To You All


by Muriel Watson and Jack Denby and written in 1937. I would think that this is a kind of lullaby but not just for children…..for all. 
Available on TCD 012.

2NB - I’ll Close My Eyes (and make believe it’s you)


written by Billy Reid in 1945, this is a superb love song that tells the tale of a love that is lost which can never be found. Heart wrenching! 
Available on TCD 012.

1YE - I’m Just A Dancing Sweetheart


by Charlie Tobias and Peter DeRose and written in 1931. This song is about those times when girls were employed by dance halls where a dance would cost 10 cents. This song gives the picture of how lonely a life it could be if all you really want is just one sweetheart. 
Available on TCD 015.

2YE - Keep Young And Beautiful


by Al Dubin and Harry Warren. 
Available on TCD 004.

3B - Let Us Be Sweethearts Over Again


written by Jos. Geo. Gilbert in 1938. It is about imploring your loved one that you really do love them and that you’ve made a terrible mistake. 
Available on TCD 015.

3NE - Mississippi Honeymoon


by Gus Kahn and Walter Donaldson. This is a wonderful song which came from the film “The Gay Bride” back in the 30s. The melody flits between all four parts. The verses are shared between the baris and basses and then the leads have most, but not all, of the chorus. 
Available on TCD 013.

3NE - Thank You For The Music


by ABBA. I have tried to keep as close as possible to the ABBA version including the instrumental bits. It’s tricky but worth the effort! 
Available on TCD 012.

2YB - They Say


by Edward Heyman, Paul Mann and Stephen Weiss. This song is all about a love so strong that no-one, no matter what they say, can break up this romance. 
Available on TCD 013.

3YE - When You Know You’re Not Forgotten (by the one you can’t forget)


written by Elton Box and Desmond Cox in 1942. A second world war song which could be taken from the point of view of the soldier who has to leave his loved one to fight. It could also be taken from the point of view of a couple in love for many, many years…
Available on TCD 014.

2YB - The World’s Greatest Sweetheart Is You


written by Andy Razaf and Paul Denniker in 1929. A song of love and how glorious it is … plain and simple! 
Available on TCD 014.




The number denotes level of difficulty with 1 being easy. 
The middle letter denotes whether the song is suitable for competition with Y meaning YES. 
The last letter denotes the song tempo: E=Easybeat, B=Ballad, T=Traditional, U=Uptempo