Barbershop Arrangements

by Karen Penketh & Marilyn Penketh

Welcome to Barbershop Arrangements where you can select and order all the great arrangements by Karen and Marilyn.

About Karen

Karen started singing barbershop when she was eight years old, and an enduring passion developed. At a very early age, she began to teach her craft and learned to arrange music into the lively barbershop style she so loves. At 18, Karen became the youngest LABBS arrangement judge to date, judging barbershop competitions in both England and Holland until 1991.

As well as her arrangement work, Karen has directed and sung for many years with The Pitchpipers, and has been in four competing quartets, The Connection (5th in 1983 LABBS Convention), Catch 29 (no, it’s not a spelling error) and Jamboree! The Jamboree! quartet won the LABBS competition in 1997 - the first quartet ever to win on a first attempt, JaZZmine (Bronze medalists) and is currently in a new quartet called Road Trip.  

About Marilyn

Marilyn’s Mum was an acrobatic ballet dancer and so it was clear that Marilyn herself would follow in her mother’s footsteps. She started her musical career at 4 years as a ballet/tap dancer featuring in some productions variously as Little Bo Peep and a rabbit!

She left the stage to start learning piano at the age of 7 and progressed through performing annually in music festivals, until at the age of 13 she passed the Royal School of Music Grade V exams, theory and practice. She was invited to join the School Choral Society at the age of 11 and spent many happy years singing mainly a cappella latin songs in second alto.

Marilyn founded the Havant Ladies Barbershop Harmony Club (The Pitchpipers) in 1976, being their Musical Director for 18 years. In February 1977 she joined the Arrangement Category and was also invited to sit on the LABBS Music & Judging Committee as a Music Committee member. She was registered as an Arrangement Judge in 1979 and between 1983 – 1988 was the Category Specialist. In 1981 Marilyn took over additional responsibility for the LABBS Music Library and continues to work at helping source music, doing arrangements and helping with transpositions and copyright queries. 

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